Hsipaw region is famous for the quality and the diversity of the excursions that can be organized. From the half day walk to the waterfall or to the Shan villages surrounding the city, to the two night treks in the ethnic Palaung area or in the deep jungle, many options are available for different kind of hikers. Kumudra Hill is working in partnership with a team of experienced english speaking guides ready to accompany you in your adventures. They can adjust their itinerary according to your interests and your fitness.

Nam Tuk Gyi waterfall, Par Pheik hot-springs, Little Bagan, Tain Chay Tain San village (Shan ethnic), Pham Kham village (Palaung ethnic) - many places near Hsipaw are accessible within a half day / full day excursion. You can go for a few hours hike, or combine hiking with a cruise on the river.

Half day / full day excursions

Overnight treks

The mountains surrounding Hsipaw are home to the Palaung people, whom the legend says descend from dragons. Our guides can take you for a 1 or 2 overnight treks in their region, where you can observe their traditional way of life as well as tea cultivation. Food and accommodation are organized in villagers' houses.